What Does Holistic Coaching Mean?

Real Flourishing Health, That Allows You To Live To Your Fullest Potential, Can Only Be Experienced By Balancing All The Pillars Of Your Life.

The Mind

What's Inside Effects The Outside.

Your Body Can Only Be In Harmony If Your Mind Is In Harmony As Well. 

Value Systems, Priorities, Thought Patterns, Your Relationship With Yourself.

Working On The Mindset And Everything Around It, Is A Big Part Of The Coaching Process.

This Is A Highly Individual Pillar.


Habits, Routines, Patterns - How Conscious Are You About The Way You Go Through The Day? Being Aware Of How You Go About Your Life Gives You The Power To Evolve! 

Working Out Daily Rythms, Routines And Sleep Quality, Is The Clockwork Of Progress! 


The Way We Live In A Modern World Has Made Our Bodies Unlearn A Lot Of Things It Is Supposed To Do.

To Reconnect With Natural Movement And Relearning Proper Body Mechanics Is Crucial To Staying Pain Free And Feeling Alive & Amazing Inside And Outside.

The Way We Go About The Body In My Approach Is Free From Artificial Norms And Aims For Long Term Health And You Building A Well Sharpened Tool That Is Your Body.

A Happy Colon, Happy Liver And Happy Stomach Are Also A Center Of Attention We Set In The Process! 


Water, Food, Light, Air. Those Are Elements That Have Been Compromised In Their Quality Tremendously In Modern Society. Getting On Top Of These Life Basics Is Elementary Especially For Longevity, And Also A Very Enjoyable Thing!


Is Your Environment Suited For Growth? 

Distractions, Negative Energies, and Things Like Pollution, Radiation Or Other Toxins Might Be In Your Way Without You Even Knowing It.

We Optimize, Identify And Eliminate, So That Your Work Can Have It's Full, Uncompromised Benefits! 

The Coaching I Offer Is Based Online And Can Be Taken From Anywhere In The World. The Time Frame Is Always Individual, But Usually A Coaching Phase Goes Somewhere  From 8 Weeks Up To 6 Months. I Also Offer Single Counseling Sessions If You Have A Specific Problem, Or Questions That You Are Stuck With On Your Own Journey.

Depending On Where You Live And On Your Needs, We Might Arrange Sessions In Person For Certain Things.